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Privacy Policy


Our company is committed on informing all who uses ( that personal information may be collected through this site. We are providing you more details on our policy with your consent on the collection, storing, and use of your personal information. The kinds of information collected from our website are from:



Data collection during site access


All access to this website is recorded through our servers. Access recorded includes browser and device used, timestamps from visiting the home page up to the navigation inside the website, and the operating system from which the information was retrieved. The data collected remains to be from anonymous. No effort will be exerted from our end to track the identities of people who have visited the site.


All the above mentioned data will only be used for our site’s periodic enhancements. Selling and sharing these information to third parties is strictly prohibited. Only anonymous aggregate data is excluded from this.


Our company uses Google Analytics to gather how the visitor utilizes our site, creating a visitor behavior analysis. Google Analytics is also used to log all possible information retrieved from your browser. All these are through the use of “cookies.” These are text files stored in the computer that serve as a tracker for all actions done in the Internet. The data from the cookies are transformed into real-time insights and statistics, helping the site improve for its visitors. You may also remove your device from being tracked by Google Analytics through For more information on cookies and managing it, please visit


Types of information collected when using our services


Upon confirmation of your service availment, we require you to provide personal information to be able to fulfill your orders from payment to the order delivery. Personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers will be used to contact you. We see to it that these data will only be utilized for service-related purposes. Your email address will be used to send you notifications about your orders, whether there are issues to be resolved, messages from us, or upon order completion. Both email addresses and phone numbers may be used for special offers, or any other marketing purpose that will benefit you as our client.


Only our Customer Service representatives have access to the information. We do not make a profit nor disclose any of your personal information to any third-party. All information in your personal page in this website is secured, which assures confidentiality of all transactions made.


Questions or complaints


Our company is concerned with any matter pertaining to our website visitor’s privacy. We try to ensure that all data collected meet the laws and regulations of permissible access to personal information from public sources, such as this site. Our company takes all complaints with utmost importance. We do encourage you to contact us if the collection and treatment of personal information is improper and unreasonable. In addition, suggestions for the improvement of our personal information handling is very much welcome.


Our privacy policy was drafted as concise as possible with the objective to show transparency in respect to the use of your personal information. For more information on all the details concerning this privacy policy, please send an email to us. We will be happy to explain the aspects which need clarity.


Personal information and Data Protection Act 


Our company exercises the responsible use of collected data. In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, any website visitor can check if the company has any of their personal information through a subject access request. We will try to fulfill the request as much as we can, subject to the parameters indicated the Data Protection Act 1998. Should we have any information about you, we will:



Any request for personal information should be put into writing. It must be sent via email and addressed to our Customer Service Representatives. All personal information requested will be responded in the manner we seem most appropriate. Should any personal information we have about you is incorrect, the aforementioned steps must be used for error correction.


Third-party sites disclaimer


You will find certain links in our site including but not limited to local government agencies and private organizations. These links are for your reference in information that may deem be useful before, during, and after our engagement. The products, services, views, and opinions expressed in those sites do not necessarily reflect the outlook of our company and neither serves as an endorsement. Once you access the external links, you will be subject to its own terms and conditions and privacy policy.