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Debunking Some Precum Facts – Let’s read it

The subject of pre-cum has been controversial and perhaps confusing to many. It is worth to note, the amount of myths and misconceptions that have spiraled from pre-ejaculation across the world and its purported effects, contents and use. For instance, can you get pregnant from pre-cum as it is said in many circles? Does the pre-ejaculate fluid have the same contents as the seminal fluid? What are the risks of pre-cum? What is the use of pre-cum in sexual intercourse? This

Pre-cum facts

Unlike semen, pre-cum is a clear colorless and slightly viscous fluid that is ejected from the urethra during the formative stages of sexual arousal. It has different chemical compositions from normal semen. Typically, the pre-ejaculate fluid functions as a base to the acidic environment caused by urine in the urethra and a lubricating agent.

Pre-cum is produced from the Cowper’s glands. It contains chemicals that are generally similar to that of semen such as acidic phosphates. However, pre-cum lacks the complex compounds like glutamyltransferase that constitute semen.

Functions of pre-cum

  • Pre-ejaculate fluid neutralizes acidity in the urethra which is left by urine. Sperms favor a slightly alkaline environment. Pre-cum also makes the internal cavity of the vagina to be slightly basic. This increases the chances of sperm survival and eventual fertilization.
  • Pre-cum acts as a very important lubricant during sexual intercourse.

Risks associated with pre-cum

Can you get pregnant from pre-cum? Studies over time have shown that the chances of getting pregnant from pre-cum are minimal. Typically, pre-cum contains very small amounts of sperm residual deposits mostly left behind from prior sexual intercourse or masturbation. While the risk can be minimal, the possibility of getting pregnant is always there and can be avoided through the use of condoms and other proven contraceptives.

Here is one more Pre-cum facts that you need to consider, it can also transmit STIs. Contrary to popular belief, studies of infected pre-cum shows that in some occasion, pre-cum contains traces of the viruses that cause venereal diseases like HIV. The use of contraceptives is again highly advised in any sexual intercourse to prevent the transmission of these diseases.


The myths and misconceptions surrounding precum facts heavily need to be tackled. However, it is worth educating the general public about what pre-cum can do and what it can’t do

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Eco Slim – A Formula Supplement Trusted in Sculpting the Body

Eco Slim has been introduced on the market as a formula supplement trusted in sculpting the body. This will not allow you to exhaust more in a diet while feeling heavy and tired. Backed by scientific researches and studies, it also has been found out to be the best because of its incredible effects. This can be purchased directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Sold at its Competitive Price

The Eco Slim is truly a one-of-a-kind because it is sold at its competitive price. This will therefore not cut a hole in your pocket. This will only allow you to lose weight in a natural and healthy way possible. There are no risks from consistently using the product. Actually, it is mainly consisted of natural extracts of leaves and berries. This will also leave your body completely cleaned from waste and toxins. Thus, you will feel that vigor, light feeling and perfect health.

What is Its Ingredients?

The Eco Slim is formulated using only the best ingredients including Coleus Forskohlii extract. This is a main ingredient in burning fats naturally. This is also very useful when it comes to the treatment of inflammation. In addition to that, caffeine is helpful in the goal of cutting all those extra pounds. This is a natural stimulant that helps the body in using fats as energy.

Guarana is also another substance that burns fats a lot faster. This consumes a lot of calories without the need for physical activity. Moreover, Fucus Algae extract works well on the lymphatic system. This helps improve the body’s circulation for complete health and well-being.

Other ingredients include L-Carnitine and Chitosan wherein the former helps dispose body fats and the latter lowers the cholesterol levels.

Buy Eco Slim at the Manufacturer’s Website

The Eco Slim Formula can be purchased at the manufacturer’s website and not at the pharmacy in Italy. There are lots of information that can be learned from the website. The information will usually include how to use it effectively. The best thing about it is that it is just a natural drop that helps you achieve effective results.

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In addition to enjoying all the benefits that it can offer, you are also entitled to getting fifty percent discount. This is another benefit that you will highly appreciate about the Eco Slim. But, remember that you should not take it once in a day. This is very much simple and easy to use. This will allow you to lose weight the effective way possible.

No Worries as there are No Contraindications and Side Effects

Eco Slim is only after promising incredible results without side effects and contraindications. This will only help you to lose weight and eliminate all those toxins. One more thing, you will be amazed because your nail, hair and new skin are completely and positively transformed! For more details check this website