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Do you want to take charge of your health in 2018?

Changing technology

The constant upgrading of technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Procedures that were considered risky a few years ago are now done almost daily. It is important that patients make themselves aware of the advances in technology that could benefit them. One of the major problems regarding medical assistance has always been medical records. Hard-copies were kept in a filing cabinet at your doctor’s office.

Working together

The only way for patients to receive the care that they need is for the community to work together. This will allow for an exchange of information that will benefit everyone. It will allow you to craft a health care plan that suits your individual needs.

Health information technology

The use of health information technology assists doctors and hospitals to ensure that all patient data is up to date and complete. It assists in improving the healthcare that is provided to citizens. It is meant to cut down on medical errors and health care costs. As it is a wide network of information it will also assist in the early detection of infectious diseases.

As technology advances almost daily, it is plausible to believe that we will be relying on this type of technology increasingly in future. It will allow patients to be more aware of what is going in regarding their health. It promotes self-care and gives patients peace of mind. Registered Health Information Technicians are tasked with making sure that your medical records are up to date.


Electronic medical records mean your doctor will be able to access your medical history from more than one location. This means that you will receive a better level of care than in the past. It is not widely used yet, but it is gaining traction every day.